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Marengo Bianco Spesial

Marengo Bianco Classic

Marengo Bianco Classic is a sweet, seductive vermouth treat. The combination of premium quality white wine, with natural spices and herbs prepared using heart and soul of the best winemakers is the country creates a truly fantastic experience.

Bianco Classic is exceptional for having a laid back party with the closest friends and loved ones. The unique flavor ensnares with tranquility and joy creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Marengo Bianco Classic is a great choice for when you want to turn a mundane day into a special sparkling occasion.

Try Marengo Bianco Classic to experience the flavor as exquisite and passionate as the kiss of your first true love.

Marengo Bianco Mojito

Marengo Rosso Classic

Marengo Rosso Classic is where the passion collides with flavor. Every drop of this vermouth is filled with an electrifying, seductive excitement. Marengo Rosso Classic is the embodiment of premium quality vermouth.

The sweet and crispy taste of Rosso Classic will not leave you untouched. Created using only premium quality ingredients and the best technology, we have put all our knowledge and passion to deliver an amazing mix of aroma and flavor.

For an amazing party or just a romantic evening try Marengo Rosso Classic. Unparalleled flavor and aroma will lift up the mundane routine of the week and lighten up the day.

Marengo Bianco Dry

Marengo Bianco Dry is the very definition of fantastic flavor and style. Great for any party, the delicate taste of the vermouth makes an exciting addition to the Friday night out with friends.

The bright aroma and a unique combination of natural herbs make Bianco Dry a first-class cocktail addition. Either simply mixed with ice or other stronger drinks, Marengo Bianco Dry will surprise you with the unforgettable, finest taste.

Prepared utilizing premium class white wine, finest ingredients and natural herbs, we have managed to create a truly astonishing vermouth. If you are looking to create a truly exceptional atmosphere for a party, Marengo Bianco Dry is your main ingredient. Try Marengo Bianco Dry and discover the world of bright flavors!

Marengo Sea Breeze

Marengo Sea Breeze is an exquisite mix of fresh mint and spicy ginger. This combination creates an explosive summer feeling whatever the weather is outside. Marengo Sea Breeze has been created for those who love luxurious lifestyle and keep up with latest fashion trends. Premium vermouth Sea Breeze is an embodiment of real vermouth.

Marengo Sea Breeze is perfect as a standalone drink or as part of a cocktail. The beverage is best served with desserts with fruit and sugar.